Commercial washroom services

Bathrooms and toilets in commercial establishments are the most used facilities. They are visited by numerous people every day. It is therefore, important to provide clean and sanitary conditions for every visitor and employee throughout operational days.

With daily use, it creates an environment for the development of microbes, mould, limescale and bacteria that accumulate on all surfaces. As a result, neglecting your facilities can lead to sickness, maintenance issues and broken facilities.

Bespoke Facilities washroom services are scheduled to align with how your business operates, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Furthermore, all our cleaning practices are fully compliant with health and safety regulations.


Washroom deep cleaning

Despite daily cleans, bacteria, mould and grime will build up in those hard to see and reach areas. As a result, we recommend scheduling regular deep cleans to keep commercial washrooms hygienic and safe.

For this reason, Bespoke Facilities deep cleaning services range from finding issues that need addressing to providing consumables and include:

  • finding maintenance problems and issues that need addressing
  • prolonging the life of your washroom facilities
  • removing imbedded stains, mould and limescale build-up
  • reaching high-level windows, shelving, ceilings and walls
  • decreasing infection and illness
  • providing high levels of hygiene and a safe environment.

Washroom Consumables

In addition to keeping your facilities hygienic, we can also provide a range of washroom consumables from soap, toilet rolls, paper towels, bin liners and air fresheners.

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