By marie-merry

ACS emphasises to clients that the security service supplied is of high quality and abides by the different commitments of the specific qualifications for approval. The main point of an approved security contractor is that both the security company and staff are skilled and confident to manage security issues in a secure and proficient manner.

Being SIA ACS accredited is also crucial if insurance is necessary. If an incident arises which entails grievances, breaches, hazards, or unlawful activities and involves an insurance claim if the security company you are using is not ACS accredited there is a high possibility that there could be complications and challenges with the claim. If you have unlicensed security staff, it indicates that you have not put all the procedures in place to safeguard the situation, and what could have been prevented or improved if the staff involved were ACS licensed.

To be a part of SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme, the security company would need to be approved, and licensed in the following areas based on the services they provide:

  • Key Holding
  • Security Guarding
  • Public space Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Cash & Valuables Transit
  • Door Supervision
  • Close protection
  • Vehicle Immobilising