What is PPM and why is it a good investment?

Often referred to as planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance, a preventative maintenance or PPM schedule is conducted on company assets such as equipment or property. Planned on a regular basis, it extends your asset lifecycle, provides statutory compliance and maintains asset functionality.

It ultimately reduces business disruptions, costly breakdowns and scrabbling around for unplanned repairs budget. There is also an improvement in job satisfaction and productivity with the enhanced focus on employee health, safety and well-being.

By choosing Bespoke Facilities to manage your planned preventative maintenance, we guarantee to work in partnership with you. We allocate an appointed Facilities Manager to collaborate with your team to draft an annual PPM checklist and schedule.

Based on your property and other assets, we work with you to improve operational efficiency and resources. Not only do we improve efficiency, but we also make sure you remain compliant by reviewing your existing schedules and if necessary creating new ones.

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Developing your preventative maintenance plan

Before we develop your preventative maintenance plan, we first start by getting an understanding of your requirements and how you use your property and equipment. Second, we undertake a building and equipment assessment to ascertain your existing processes.

Finally, we are in a position to develop your PPM plan. As a result, you gain a PPM plan that ensures regular inspections are conducted, test certificates are kept up-to-date and any remedial work is undertaken, including:


The benefits of an effective PPM strategy

  • Timely repairs

    Routine and timely repairs avoids large scale and costly fixes.

  • Health & safety

    Health & safety conditions are improved, which results in less accident reporting.

  • Productivity increases

    Productivity increases due to reduced equipment downtime.

  • Asset preservation

    Asset and building preservation that eradicates premature replacement of equipment.

  • Less reactive working

    Better scheduling and economical use of employees time, avoiding a reactive working environment and reduced overtime.

  • Employee satisfaction

    Employee satisfaction is improved as problems in the workplace are reduced, creating a proactive and trusting working ethic.

Building a partnership based on trust

We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with our clients by communicating openly, honestly and transparently. As a result, this allows us to advise and communicate more effectively and build strong personal relationships with you and your wider team. Moreover, we work in conjunction with you on the day-to-day running of your operations to ensure a simpler, more cost-effective and enjoyable working environment.

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