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All Bespoke safety helmets and bump caps are CE Approved to the relevant European standards. With an extensive range of head protection we can supply a wide variety of industries from construction, automobile and forestry amongst others.

Our safety helmet range can be used in conjunction with our other PPE such as, face visors and clip on ear protection, offering maximum protection.


The ear is a very delicate part of the body and some of the damage that noise can cause is often irrecoverable. From basic disposable ear plugs, reusable and clip on ear defenders, Bespoke offers a full range of hearing protection.

Eye protection is a legal requirement by law under regulation 4 of the Personal Protection Equipment At Work Regulation 1992 when working in a hazardous area. The protection from wood, paint chips to dirt, concrete particles and even nails, eyes are often at high risk from impact and require adequate protection.

Respiratory injuries are not often apparent in the workplace unlike other injuries to the face, eye and feet. It is vital that the correct level of protection is chosen for the working environment and that the respiratory fits the worker correctly in conjunction with their other PPE items that are worn.

The HSE is trying to reduce the figures for diagnosed work-related respiratory illness. At Bespoke we have fully BSIF Accredited trained experts to assist you when choosing your respiratory items, offering a full fit testing programme.

Working with some of the markets leading manufacturers and suppliers of hand protection our experts will find the right glove for you. Whether this offers the correct level of cut resistance or protects the user from dangerous chemicals we have the solution for you.

Reduce accident rates, improve productivity and even save costs with the right hand protection solution.

When it comes to tough resilient safety footwear that offers both safety and comfort, Bespoke have the range to cater for the most demanding of conditions.

Contact our team to find the right style and discover how we can supply unbeatably tough and cost effective footwear solution for you.

Bespoke supply a wide range of first aid equipment, all CE marked including the new BS8599-1 compliant kits.

For peace of mind at work call Bespoke today and we will provide you with further details on our full range of First Aid kits and additional supplies.

Bespoke’s extensive and stylish range of fall arrest equipment is designed to accommodate the comfort of the user including the, harnesses, lanyards, restraint systems, lifelines, retractable fall limiters, rescue equipment, full specialist kits and accessories are chosen due to their build quality, comfort, style, affordability and perhaps more importantly traceability.

Full EN471 hi visibility clothing is available including the most basic hi visibility vest to an executive breathable site jacket and GO/RT certified orange hi visibility clothing. Our premium range includes designer hi visibility clothing that goes one step further in the design and look of the final garment.

Whatever your garment requirements, contact us today and our friendly and efficient team will be there to assist you.

At Bespoke we understand that flame retardant clothing needs to offer the ultimate protection from the potential risks and hazards in which the wearers have to work.

Our range includes:

  • Inherent Arc flash and flame retardant workwear that doesn’t compromise in performance even after washing
  • Comfortable fabrics that are comfortable next to the skin and offer breathability
  • Range of Arc flash clothing that can be layered to offer increased levels of protection
  • Full traceability and certification that gives you peace of mind that the garments are manufactured to the required standards.

We also have a range of UK based manufacturing sites that create bespoke garments to suit your company branding in terms of colouring and also in design.

We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm.

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