High level cleaning services, delivered by a highly-skilled team

Modern glass buildings, high glazed atriums and glass balustrades are design masterpieces and are extremely eye-catching. These are, however, highly difficult to clean properly and safely.

Our highly trained technicians put safety first and have great attention to detail providing all our clients with a level of service that is second to none.

Bespoke Facilities’ high level window cleaning services can be delivered using powered access equipment as well as ladder-less systems from ground level. Either way, we do it, you can be assured that every clean will be as good as your first clean, with consistent delivery by the same high level team.

The external cladding on your office building, retail park, shop front or warehouse can quickly become discoloured, covered in grime and unsightly.
At Bespoke Facilities we use many different methods from pressure washing, to steam cleaning and using specialist products.

A thorough and regular cleaning programme will significantly enhance the first impressions of your site to new visitors and in some cases will increase the lifespan of your cladding.

Your signage is probably the most important marker for your business. Acting as an advertisement not only for where you are located but for how you run and regard your business.
If first impressions count to you and your business then see what difference the Bespoke approach and our cleaning service can make. We can provide one-off signage cleans or incorporate cleaning signage into a routine schedule.

Our high level teams are experienced in delivering a quality canopy cleaning service to both fabric and glass canopies to a range of commercial properties including retail units, restaurants, gyms and reception foyers.
It is good practice for the entire canopy to be cleaned every couple of years, the structure will benefit from an annual cleaning programme to include the supporting beams, framework and canopy.

From mild detergents, to soft brushing and pressure washing our teams can facilitate and help to increase the life of canopy structures.

The gutter system installed on all buildings directs rainfall away from the property to shield its outer skin, as well as its foundations. An issue or blockage with your building’s guttering can cause water damage and damp as well as being at risk of being overloaded and fall completely.
At Bespoke Facilities we recommend that all buildings under our care have their gutters to avoid costly repairs.

We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm.

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