HVAC maintenance

Bespoke Facilities work in partnership with you to implement an HVAC maintenance plan that ensures your systems are fully optimised to reduce bills and cut breakdown and repair costs.

By the same token, we also provide expert air conditioning services from design and installation to HVAC repair and maintenance that includes:

  • Complimentary site survey
  • Advice on new installations, replacements & upgrades
  • HVAC service and maintenance including diagnostic expertise
  • Reactive repairs
  • Planned preventative maintenance (PPM)
  • Air testing
  • Energy appraisals, monitoring and reporting.

What is an HVAC system and how does it work?

HVAC systems use air from outdoor areas to provide high-quality indoor air by replacing the existing air. As a result, it removes moisture, smoke, odours, heat, dust and other unwanted particles or gases within a space. Additionally, it also controls the temperature and replenishes oxygen.

At Bespoke Facilities we firstly help clients maximise energy efficiency, productivity and wellness. Secondly, we ensure your HVAC system operates reliably and efficiently. Thirdly, we minimise your overall costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Finally, this all delivered at a competitive price with unrivalled service.

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The benefits of an HVAC system

  • Improved air quality

    Fans and air filters improve the air quality and ensure the temperature inside is consistent and comfortable for staff and visitors.

  • Efficiency

    An HVAC system provides the ability to control and monitor energy usage. By doing so, you’re not wasting energy in rooms that aren’t occupied.

  • Cut costs

    By having more flexibility, you can save money by reducing energy usage and cutting your heating and air conditioning bills.

  • Carbon Footprint

    Raise your company’s profile as an environmentally conscientious business by improving energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

Working in partnership

Bespoke Facilities are integral in shaping the future of facilities management. Most importantly, we provide accelerated, cost-efficient services with a personal touch. Moreover, we work in tandem with you to ensure the day-to-day running of your operations is simpler, cost-effective and enjoyable.

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