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Bespoke Facilities frees your time to focus on your business by managing all your facility services, no matter how complex they are.

We deliver safe and secure facility management services that are individually tailored to your requirements. So much so, that we adapt to your changing needs and deliver a sustained service that secures long-term partnerships.

In addition, we train and equip our people to work to exceedingly high standards. But above all, we integrate with your team and culture to become vital in the day-to-day running of your building!

At Bespoke Facilities we are proud of our trustworthy approach in delivering reliable facility services. As a result, we have built successful partnerships within the rail, commercial, clinical, retail and leisure industries.

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What are hard and soft facilities management (FM) services?

Hard and soft facilities management services become essential in the smooth running of your building. More importantly, the law requires the managing of these services to ensure the health and safety of its occupants. In particular, cleaning, washroom services, kitchen areas, lighting, ventilation and heating.

With this in mind, Bespoke Facilities provide a full portfolio of hard and soft FM services to prevent maintenance and security issues. Above all, we have the experience and knowledge to sustain the safety, utility and value of your facility.

Our hard FM services

Hard FM services relate to the structure of your building and the health and safety of its occupants. Because of this, the law requires effective management and upkeep of your facility. In order to fulfil your legal commitments, we provide a range of hard FM services! Moreover, we guarantee the perfect balance between cost, quality and sustainability for a range of services including:


Our soft FM Services

Soft FM typically includes the aesthetics, security and how comfortable your building is for its occupants. They’re therefore fundamental when looking after your staff and visitors but aren’t necessarily required by law. Similarly, to our hard FM services we also provide a variety of soft FM provisions including:


How to manage your facilities management requirements?

Firstly, review your obligations and look to outsource your facilities management requirements. Secondly, look for a single company that can fulfil all your hard and soft FM specifications. By aligning your business needs into one total facilities management (TFM) contract, you will receive an integrated and more cost-effective package. Lastly and more importantly, choose a facilities management company you can trust!

Our TFM Services

Why choose Bespoke facilities?

  • Certification

    Compliance is essential to us! In other words, we measure ourselves through stringent certification that ensures we work to high standards. As a result, we impart confidence in our services.

  • Experience

    Our leadership team have over 80 years of experience and are often found on-site. Above all, they ensure a safe and compliant environment but also work to build relationships between our teams.

  • Integrated

    We provide a TFM service where we work with all your maintenance, cleaning and security needs. Most importantly, we will manage all your facility requirements no matter the complexity.

  • Innovation

    We understand that the world doesn’t sit still and always embrace change. We, therefore, use it to implement the latest technology and environmental solutions to enhance our services to you.

Working together in tandem

Bespoke Facilities are integral in shaping the future of facilities management. Most importantly, we provide accelerated, cost-efficient services with a personal touch. Moreover, we work in tandem with you to ensure the day-to-day running of your operations is simpler, cost-effective and enjoyable.

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