Fire detection and alarm systems

In the event of a fire, reliable fire detection and alarm systems should be installed to alert building occupants and the emergency services.  When lives are at stake, every second counts. An early warning also impacts how quickly a company can recover from a fire without too much disruption.

For this reason, inspection and testing should be an ongoing requirement of your fire safety maintenance programme. Our team of qualified fire safety engineers will ensure your alarm systems function correctly. Not only that, we confirm compliance with current laws and any insurance requirements.

At Bespoke Facilities, our fire safety services also include the design and installation of fire detection and alarm systems. So whatever your requirements, we can help.


Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance

Fire extinguishers prevent small fires from expanding into major incidents and is a vital piece of life-saving equipment. As a result, a correctly serviced fire extinguisher not only protects your employees, visitors and assets, it also safeguards your business.

Fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection is therefore an important part of your fire safety management program. To conform to health and safety laws, fire extinguishers should be inspected and tested annually. Dependent on the type of extinguisher, they should also have an internal examination at one-to-six-year intervals.

Working in partnership with you, Bespoke Facilities fire safety services include:

  • surveying your current equipment
  • identifying any risks
  • developing the right fire safety program for your business.

Fire risk assessments

A fire risk assessment identifies what you need to do to prevent a fire and keep people safe. As part of our fire safety services, our engineers conduct a risk assessment to review the building and business activities. They assess the fire risk and ascertain whether your fire safety equipment is fit-for-purpose.

The risk assessment is then reviewed if the building undergoes structural changes or annually. This ensures your fire safety processes keep occupants, assets and your building safe, and if a fire should happen, contained as much as possible with minimal disruption.



Optimising safety and performance

  • On-site testing and inspection

    Our qualified safety engineers regularly inspect and tests against an inspection checklist to ensure all safety equipment is fit for purpose of the building or business activity.

  • Maintenance reporting

    After inspection and testing, we record all findings in a maintenance report, which covers equipment that needs replacing, equipment cleanliness and integrity, plus making sure signs are clearly visible.

  • Replacing defective equipment

    Any equipment that is deemed defective is recorded in the maintenance log and reported to the health and safety representative. Our safety engineers then ensure a replacement is sourced and installed as soon as possible.

  • Meet legal requirements

    All fires safety equipment is inspected to ensure it is compliant and meets your insurance requirements. This provides you with peace of mind that you are protecting all occupants, your assets and your building.

  • Identify & resolve issues

    Any issues that are identified are resolved by our team of fire safety engineers. We focus on optimising your safety and performance and will never leave you unprotected from fire safety risks.

  • Qualified engineers

    All our engineers are qualified in fire safety and keep up-to-date with the latest fire regulations. They are trained to assess your building and make recommendations to help prevent or to stop a fire from spreading.

Annual fire safety services at affordable prices

You can trust our team to deliver a quality service at an affordable price. Annual maintenance and inspection will happen without disruption or hassle to your business.

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