Our kitchen cleaning services

Commercial kitchens can be a hot spot for germs and bacteria causing unsanitary conditions that can lead to sickness and decreased productivity within your business.

Bespoke Facilities work in collaboration with you to create a kitchen cleaning schedule that meets your requirements. Firstly, we take into consideration the best times to clean the kitchen and communal areas. Secondly, we determine what cleaning services you need. These services include:

  • daily cleaning services
  • sanitisation of all surfaces
  • emptying bins
  • sink sanitation
  • filling and turning on the dishwasher
  • degreasing floors
  • clear out and clean the fridge once a week

We also train our teams in kitchen cleaning best practices, as well as on-site training, to ensure that all your requirements are met. Additionally, we use the best cleaning products, which are all environmentally friendly.


Kitchen deep cleaning

Bespoke Facilities also provide commercial kitchen deep cleaning services, which would be implemented into the schedule as required. A commercial kitchen deep clean would include:

  • all fixtures and fittings
  • high-level cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • windows and doors
  • removal of items from drawers and wipe inside of drawers
  • removal of items from cabinets and wipe inside of cabinets
  • underneath and behind equipment

We understand that flexibility is key and that sometimes commercial kitchen cleaning must be completed outside of your service areas. Therefore, our operatives are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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