Bespoke cleaning for all commercial buildings

Our approach is unique to each and every space; from communal areas and washrooms in office blocks to purpose-built buildings.

A company’s professional image is a vital element contributing to the overall success of the business. The cleanliness and first impressions any visitor has to your site plays a large part in that professional image. From the entrance glass, to signage and washroom facilities, at Bespoke Facilities we look to work with clients and brands that recognise the value of high on-site cleaning standards.

Our approach to servicing our shopping centres, retail and leisure contracts is more than just litter picking.

As part of our programme of works to our shopping centres, retail & leisure parks we can provide;

  • High level signage, canopy and totem pole cleaning
  • Mechanical sweeps
  • Line painting & marking
  • Pressure washing
  • Landscaping services
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Security
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Winter maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Daily cleaning
  • Washroom services

In recent years the industry has seen a rise in injury and claims, whilst the government are putting procedures in place in an attempt to kerb the ‘no win no fee’ culture; bespoke facilities have taken a proactive approach in our service delivery to help towards prevention of claims.

If you manage or are responsible for a warehouse, distribution centre or industrial unit then you will already insist on a clean and tidy depot free from all debris and any obstruction. As a one stop provider we will ensure that your premises are clean, safe and secure allowing you to concentrate on your day to day knowing that your premises meet the high standard that you expect.

From cleaning, CCTV and Security to electrical and Waste management your building will match your company profile and standards through us, your service partner!

Our approach to cleaning schools and academies is to provide a range of services that is value for money, reliable and best in class; giving you back more of your time to do what you do best. Teach and inspire.

From window cleaning, degumming, daily cleaning programmes, electrical testing to waste management, winter maintenance, security Bespoke Facilities is a partner for you.

All Bespoke colleagues who will contribute in any aspect of the contract service delivery will be subject to DBS checks as well as standard company vetting procedures.

To ensure the highest standards of window cleaning are consistently achieved our preferred method of window cleaning is traditional methods with a t-bar from a-frame ladders or a genie boom. However, this is not always possible or most cost effective, we also utilise Reach & Wash Systems using purified water to achieve a comparable result. When used as a rinse after washing glazing and windows, the purified water dries without leaving spots caused by dissolved solutes removing the need for high level access equipment.

As part of our window cleaning services bespoke facilities are also able to provide;

  • Fascia & gutter cleaning
  • High level signage & totem pole cleaning

All our window cleaning technicians are all International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) trained as standard.

Graffiti and chewing gum removal are costly additions to site budgets that are sometimes not provisioned for, nor anticipated.

As part of our cleaning packages, to ensure successful removal a Bespoke consultant would attend site to survey the surface to identify the best removal solution for your premises.

At Bespoke Facilities we are able to remove any unsightly graffiti in the following ways;

  • Paint-out
  • Chemical Removers
  • Pressure Washing

Bespoke Facilities are advocates of innovative technologies to recycle used chewing gum, the problem with gum is changing behaviour so people put their gum in a bin. There are now several designated gum bins on the market that are environmentally friendly, quirky and encourage responsible disposal and recycling of gum providing prevention, not cure to the social problem.

Bespoke Facilities is a professional and environmentally conscious company, which acknowledges the impact that our operations and those of our clients’ may potentially have on the environment. The aim of our waste services arm is to create options for waste destruction, to reduce costs and to be able to provide a transparent report mechanism for all methods of disposal.

Our approach to Waste Management is to assist our client base to fully comply within the requirements of legislation, whilst at all times complying with, as a matter of best practice, the requirements and duties set out within Approved Guidance as issued by the Environment Agency and other organisations.

Our delivery model is based on providing a link between our client and a network of waste carriers to ensure that best practice is adhered and the most cost effective solution is obtained throughout. Bespoke Facilities takes full responsibility and management for the delivery process at each and every stage. As a company we have taken the time to understand the drivers which have seen the industry become increasingly focused on environmental and sustainability practices and we have successfully supported our clients in meeting these challenges.

We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm.

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