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A leading UK building maintenance company, BFML guarantee we tick all the boxes on your building maintenance checklist. We specifically make sure you meet all your legal obligations and health & safety commitments.

Our unique building maintenance package is supplied by our in-house team who have the specialist expertise to deliver:

All in all, no matter what your requirements are, we can help!

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Building repair and maintenance management

Building repair and maintenance management are critical to ensure your facilities remain in good condition. After all, a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule prevents costly repairs and any unwelcome surprises.

Ultimately, reactive practices are often ineffective and cost money; not only is it more expensive to make urgent repairs, but they also become a disruption to the overall day-to-day running of your business.  Therefore it’s fair to say a budget assigned to the regular upkeep of your building systems is better than hoping nothing goes wrong.

For this reason, a building and property maintenance team will help to identify and also prevent any critical building maintenance problems. In short, our team at Bespoke Facilities can help. We are trained and equipped with the tools and technology to detect, prevent and fix any issues to sustain the utility and value of your facility.


Why choose us for your building & property maintenance

  • MEE

    We have extensive experience maintaining assets that include the design, installation, maintenance and any technical requirements for all mechanical & electrical engineering (MEE) services.

  • HVAC

    Our specialist services in the installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems guarantee staff and customers are comfortable.

  • Fire Safety

    We make sure your fire safety system is maintained so it works when you need it most. Our experts test your fire alarms and equipment regularly so you feel secure in the knowledge that it will work in an emergency.

  • PPM

    Our expertise incorporates planned preventative maintenance (PPM) strategy where we prevent problems before they occur reducing overall maintenance costs and increased safety management.

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